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Anti-gun series looks to combat violence through love

Anti-gun series looks to combat violence through love
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All you need is love — that’s the message behind one project looking to take a new step into combating gun violence.

Actor and writer Victor Verhaeghe, who can be seen in the recent film “Bridge of Spies,” plans to create a web series that tackles on the issues of violence through the use of love.

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The Washington Heights resident first started writing the series, called “What If?,” during the summer when he said he had enough of hearing about all the violence happening around the nation.

“Here in New York City you pick up the paper and it’s not ‘was there a shooting?’ it’s ‘how many shootings were there,” Verhaeghe said. “This summer I was in a place that I had enough. I got a spark and sort of went with it.”

Through the series — which is expected to include 1- to 2-minute comedic short clips — Verhaeghe will ask the question: “What if there was no gun violence?”

Each short will show a positive twist to scenarios — such as road rage or office quarrels — that are all resolved through positive responses.

“I believe on both sides of the political spectrum that love is something people identify with,” he said. “It’s easier to act on your anger. It’s more challenging to stop and think ‘what if I did it this way.’”

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Along with writing the shorts, Verhaeghe — who partnered with the nonprofit Zena Group and provider TV Boy — will also act in each of them alongside his friend Matt Higgins.

Currently the project is on hold and aiming to meet a $10,000 goal on a Kickstarter campaignin the next 19 days. If fully funded, the filming of the series is expected to start right away with the release of the shorts expected for the springtime.

Overall Verhaeghe hopes once the clips hit the Internet, the message will spread and reach the ears of everyone — especially those who hold stronger views on guns.

“It’s a response to the insanity of our country and our love of guns and gun violence,” he said about the project. “It’s a response to the fact that I think we could do something.”

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