Anti-Muslim pastor has lonely Sunday - Metro US

Anti-Muslim pastor has lonely Sunday

The Florida pastor who wants to open an anti-Islam Christian center near Ground Zero has received more death threats than attendees to his Sunday prayer service.

Rev. Bill Keller said he’s received dozens of threats to his life. That’s more than the five people who showed up to his prayer service yesterday morning, held in a Marriott hotel across the street from Ground Zero.

“Stuff like ‘your head will be separated from your body,’” said Keller of the threats, which he thinks came from Muslims. Keller gives his weekly sermons with a bodyguard, a former NYPD lieutenant, by his side.

Keller, who wants to open his $1-million center in response to a proposed mosque near Ground Zero, calls Islam “a 1,400-year history of hatred, violence and death.”

“When they announced the mosque, I was concerned and upset that there really were no Christian pastors that were taking any kind of a public stand about the mosque,” said Keller. “It’s in horrible taste; it’s spitting in the face of the city.”

Keller said he will soon announce the permanent location for his center. But he also admitted he needs to raise nearly $60,000 to cover the expenses of holding the services. He is also $20,000 in debt, he said.

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