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AntiChrist ‘therapy’ for director

After years of being a film festival favourite with films like Breaking The Waves and Dogville, Danish director Lars Von Trier appeared at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival live via satellite to discuss his latest film, Antichrist, along with Willem Dafoe (who was there in person).

When the rather intense movie premièred at the festival some audience members fainted and fled the theatre (upon hearing that, Von Trier deadpanned, “Good”), but those who stayed applauded the latest work by a master filmmaker.

“I remember starting with the idea of doing a horror film, which it maybe turned out not to be,” said Von Trier when asked how he came up with Antichrist. Fortunately, Dafoe was able to fill some details.

“Lars was in a period of depression …,” said Dafoe. “He decided to collect dark images, dreams, and thoughts and turn them into this film.”

Though clearly shaken, Von Trier seems to have used Antichrist as a perverse form of therapy.

In the movie, a psychiatrist (Dafoe) and his wife retreat to the woods to deal with a loss only to end up falling victim to violent insanity.

Despite the controversy, this movie might be Von Trier’s best.

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