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Apple iPad is poised to change music

Now that Canadians are taking delivery of their iPads, let’s look at what Steve’s device could mean for music:

• A big uptick in impulse purchases. It’ll be even easier to say “yes” to a single song for $1.29. Before you know it, you’ll have said “yes” 10 times. It’ll be interesting to see what this will mean for the concept of the album
• This is the real beginning of the end for traditional printed music magazines. Can you imagine iPad–based music magazines that update constantly? I can’t wait for Rolling Stone, Q, Mojo and the rest of them adapt. No more waiting for that monthly issue. And no more being two months behind on U.K. publications.
• The social networking aspect of music — sharing song recommendations — will speed up.
• Think of what this means to soundtracks for movies and TV shows. As you’re watching, say, Grey’s Anatomy on your iPad and you want to know what the mournful song is under Meredith’s sappy soliloquy in the final act, you can just tap to buy instantly. Same with movie soundtracks. If I were into music licensing, I’d prepare for an onslaught of new business.
• And why stop at movies and TV? Now that the iBook store is here, why not assemble soundtracks for books? Can you imagine what Nick Hornby’s Hi-Fidelity would sound like?
• Radio will evolve. We’re moving closer and closer to a time where all content will be available on demand. Why not on-demand radio? You continue with your real-time, over-the-air broadcast, but you also make everything available to your audience so they can consume what you do on their terms.

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