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Are banks open on Labor Day?

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There’s a holiday coming up. No, we’re not talking about Labor Day, we’re talking about pay day. But we’re probably talking about both since the first of the month, when many workers get paid, falls over a long holiday weekend. So what’s going to happen to your paycheck? Are banks open on Labor Day? Here’s everything you need to know about the financial institutions and the status of your bank account.

That paycheck’s pretty important for most people, especially if you happen to be this year’s host of the annual backyard bash to celebrate Labor Day. Feeding your family and friends might be enjoyable, but cheap it is not, especially when you factor in beer and booze. (Not to mention the emotional and time cost of frantically researching whether or not liquor stores are open on Labor Day.)

Maybe you’re not worried about your paycheck, but you do have errands to run that involve the bank. Either way you need to know, are banks open on Labor Day? We looked around at the biggest chains in the country to find out for you. If you’re using a small, regional bank, your best bet is to call now and ask about their holiday hours and deposit schedule for the weekend.

Are banks open on Labor Day?

Generally, major banks chains as well as financial institutions are closed. Wells Fargo and US Bank are going against the grain, however. They’ll both be open on Monday, September 3, but you’ll need to check with your specific location about hours because they’ll vary. But here’s what we do know: the hours at Wells Fargo will be location-specific, while US Bank simply says some of their in-store locations will keep their lights on. Call ahead to make sure you’re heading out to a bank that’s open.

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But what about your paycheck? Assuming you get paid on the first of the month, you probably won’t see the money hit your account until Tuesday, September 4. Some companies have a policy of paying earlier, like the 30th of each month, but you should know if that applies to you from past deposits.


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