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Are e-joints the future of marijuana?

electronic joint e cigarette e-joint marijuana pot Forget pipes and vaporizers: There’s an e-joint now.
Credit: E-Njoint

The new e-joint is the healthy high-free way to take a toke. Dutch firm E-Njoint BV has created what they describe as the world’s first “100% legal electronic joint”. The hi-tech doobie does not contain THC, the active mind-altering component found in cannabis. Instead, it vaporizes natural ingredients propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine into water vapor, available in six flavors ranging from watermelon to passion fruit. When ‘smokers’ take a puff on the spliff-shaped pipe, a green marijuana leaf lights up through its chrome-plated tip. In addition, the company is also rolling out a number of refillable versions that can be filled with users’ own liquid cannabis or dry herbs. E-Njoint CEO Menno Contant tells Metro why you don’t need to get stoned to hit a happy high.

Why did you come up with the electronic joint?

We want to make a statement about Dutchies: we’re not just about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. We’re promoting a product that is innocent and fun; it’s something to enjoy like a waterpipe.

A lot of people are asking what the point is if you don’t get high?

Well, being high is one thing and enjoying the E-Njoint is another. You don’t smoke a waterpipe to get high. You smoke a waterpipe to enjoy the flavors and have a smoke and enjoy the smell. It has nothing to do with getting high.

Who are you aiming this product at?

It’s great for discotheques, clubs and bars. In Ibiza, the best DJs in the world are doing their show and there are thirty, forty, or fifty of these green lights going on. It’s not a cigarette replacement but it keeps your mind off things and it has a good taste in there.

Do you not think that this image will get children into smoking?

We’re trying to stay away from all of that. On the package it states that it’s not for under 18s. I’ve got kids of my own and I don’t want them to start smoking cigarettes like me.

In the future, could this be used to wean cannabis smokers off the drug?

Yeah, I think it can be used in therapy. If someone has been smoking pot for a long time, they’re used to holding a spliff and there is a certain mindset and feeling that goes with cannabis culture. I’m an addictive smoker: I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day but with this e-joint in my hand I smoke about half and it can keep me going for about ninety minutes without a cigarette.

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