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Are Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes ready to go public?

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are out galavanting in Paris right now because maybe, just maybe, they’re ready to make their romance public.

Us Weekly has the exclusive story of a man named Jamie and a woman named Katie, who fell in love — like, fairy tale, “Notebook,” style love —  four years ago and found a romance for the ages. You see, what was meant to be a flirty summer fling turned into something more, and Katie just can’t bear to hide it anymore!

An insider explains to the mag that while before, the 38-year-old wanted to keep things private, now she’s ready to tell the world that she’s Jamie’s girl. “She’s tired of playing this hiding game,” says the source. “She’s head-over-heels for him.”

First, the erstwhile “Dawson’s Creek” star joined her 49-year-old beau at an NYC eatery in April — in public! Where people could see with their eyes! And since early May, she’s been in Paris, where Foxx is filming his 2018 Robin Hood remake. Because if there’s anything we need more than another King Arthur movie, it’s another Robin Hood flick. And ever since her feet touched the soft soil of Paris, well. It’s been a mother flipping whirlwind of romance. A romantic getaway like no other. Because they’re in loooooooooooove!

“They’re going to go out to dinner more often, and plan to start going public. She gushes about how amazing he is,” the source says. “She says she loves him from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.” Step aside, Wordsworth, this is some dang poetry!

If that was too much and you didn’t read, I will sum it up thusly: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx love each other very much and nobody has ever loved each other the way these two love each other and their love is both inescapable and can not be compared to anybody else’s love because, damn it, there’s never been a love like this before!

Still don’t know what they talk about, though. But I guess I don’t know what Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom talked about either besides like, being hungry for fame. It’ll forever be a mystery. 

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