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Are Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries already getting a divorce?

The rumor mill is spinning, folks.

Only two months after “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding,” there are speculation about trouble in paradise.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Kim has had it up to here with Kris’ party lifestyle.

Hollywoode Life, citing ‘reports’ says that Kim visited a top divorce lawyer after Kris spent multiple nights partying solo until the wee-hours of the morning in New York City.

An unnamed source told Star magazine that “he’s breaking Kim’s heart. Originally he was supposed to come to New York for a guys’ weekend, but at the last minute he switched it to Miami. I guess he thought that way they could drink and do whatever they wanted without Kim finding out.”

Star even claims that Kris was partying like a single man and dancing with girls. Call us crazy, (or, since we’re talking Kardashians, call us krazy) but having a 26-year-old man dance with girls doesn’t stand as ground for a divorce, then again we’re not married. Plus, Humphries is technically unemployed with the NBA lockout, so he probably has the time to party hardy.

On the other hand, Life & Style magazine is claiming that the divorce is on the way because everyone in the Kardashian family hates Kris. Wow, hate’s a strong word.

Kris Jenner, aka momager, is said to play nice in front of cameras but behind closed doors, is in full support of a divorce.

Humphries and Kim are keeping mum about the rumors. For all we know they can be cuddled (kuddled?) up in their home laughing at all this.

Or, what’s even more likely is that this is all a publicity (and the Kardashians are not ones to shy away from the spotlight) stunt for the upcoming season of “Kourtney and Kim take New York,” set to air in just a few weeks.

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