Are New York City schools closed (February 9, 2017)?

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All New York City schools have been closed due to expected heavy snowfall and treacherous travelling conditions.

“Due to expected significant snowfall all @NYCSchools will be CLOSED tomorrow, Feb 9,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted.

Earlier, meteorologists forecast up to 12 inches of snow and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office said wind gusts approaching 35 mph are possible.

“But here’s the most important thing,” de Blasio said on WCBS 880. “People need to understand, regardless, of what it feels like today it’s going to be a full blown blizzard in the morning. If you don’t need to be in a car, don’t take the car. If you can take mass transit or avoid moving around, do that, please for your own sake and for safety and to keep the roads clear for the Sanitation Department to do the plowing.

“So, we’re poised and ready but we are hearing now from the National Weather Service, at the peak in the early morning hours, meaning – the rush hour time I should say – at the peak this could be two inches or even three inches of snow per hour which is an extraordinarily fast accumulation.”

Code Blue is also in effect, de Blasio tweeted. If you see anyone in need of shelter, call 311.

Originally published on Feb. 8, 6:41 p.m.


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