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Are the Jets getting Fireman Ed back?

Could ‘Fireman Ed’ be making a comeback? The superstar New York Jets fan made an impromptu appearance as the leader of the J-E-T-S chant last week, leading to speculation that he will reprise his role as the face of the team’s fanbase.

Two years ago, ‘Fireman Ed’ made a brief comeback, the man known formally on his driver’s license as Ed Anzalone coming back on opening day to lead the infamous J-E-T-S chant on the video boards. This comeback was less planned out, Anzalone this time getting on fans shoulders and leading the chant in an impromptu fashion.

After several times of leading the chant, the in-stadium cameras caught wind of this and found Anzalone in the crowd, leading to a huge cheer at MetLife Stadium. Anzalone then led fans in the chant for the first time in years, the energy of the moment helping to spark the Jets to beat the Buffalo Bills:


This was not a planned event, Metro has learned. And there was no coordination with the Jets about this as it was an organic moment.

In 2012, Anzalone stepped away from his role in leading the chant, citing threats from fans who took him as an extension of the team and employee rather than a fan. Anzalone still continued to attend Jets games and has always pledged that he paid for his tickets as well as his PSL and never received any favors from the team.

In an interview with Metro two years ago, Anzalone said he wanted to see the chant be taken over by younger fans as he was pleased with his multiple decades of service to the team.

On Monday night, Anzalone will be on New York Jets Fan TV to discuss the moment as well as, presumably, the possibility of his return. Fans can watch and interact here: https://gateway.shindig.com/event/nyjftvlive

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