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Are the Olympics over yet?

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You watched the opening ceremony, you donned red, white and blue in support of our athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics but the excitement faded as the games went on and now you find yourself just wondering, are the Olympics over yet?

We understand. When some of your favorite shows are bumped in favor of primetime Olympic event coverage it’s only exciting as long as you’re interested in the events. (And, let’s face it, you were sort of wondering is curling a sport and only tuned in for the hockey.) If many of your favorite shows were on NBC, this is what happened to you. So is the normal NBC schedule back yet, or are they still airing Olympic events every night?

Are the Olympics over yet?

If you’re a big fan of The Voice, is your show going to be on tonight or should you brace for more waiting it out with bated breath while the Olympics wrap up? Good news for you if you’re more into reality TV than watching gymnastics on ice rinks: The Olympics wrapped up this past weekend and your show is back in its primetime slot tonight, Monday, February 26.

are the olympics over yet closing ceremony

The final medal count for 2018 Olympics is in, the athletes are headed home and that’s a wrap on the PyeongChang games. The closing ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics was held on Sunday, at what was an early hour for those of us in the U.S., and aired later by NBC Sunday evening. Although the doping cases are just beginning to unfold, the shows you turn to night after night on NBC are no longer going to be bumped.

And for those of you who like NBC’s shows, you’re going to want to tune in after The Voice for the premiere of their newest show, Good Girls. Check out the listings for NBC if you want to see a full rundown of the programming now that the Olympics are over.


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