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Are you Donald Trump’s doppleganger? This job’s for you

Trump Look Alike

If you are fortunate enough (or unfortunate, depending on your perspective) to look like President Trump, you could earn cash bigly.

The London company Team Tactics is looking for a Trump look alike to host “Apprentice”-style corporate team-building events. The ideal candidate will agree to have weekly spray tans, daily hair-maintenance appointments and to stay in character during eight-hour workdays, 40 hours a week. The pay: $66,000 a year.

“You will be expected to fulfil the usual duties of Donald Trump in respect of his role in ‘The Apprentice,'” the job listing goes, “as well as provide voiceovers and be involved in filming of video tape resources used during the event.”

Telling someone “You’re hired” has not been easy, owing to Trump’s unpopularity in the UK. He famously delayed his first state visit to avoid protesters, and reportedly had requested to ride in Her Majesty’s solid-gold coach, not the regular old junker used by regular riffraff heads of state. “They have struggled to find someone,” a spokesperson told HuffPost. “With Trump being who he is, maybe people may not want to highlight if they look like him or maybe he’s just not a fun character to play, we’re not sure.”

Team Tactics managing director Tina Benson said, “As we all know, President Trump has yet to visit the U.K. as the POTUS, after his demands for the Queen’s Golden Coach to be used as mode of transport didn’t go down all too well!” Benson added that they’re “excited to be making his first state visit ― kind of ― happen.”

One other note from the job listing: “To be considered for this vacancy, you must have experience within a similar role.”

No word on what that might be.


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