Are you ready for the near-record temps expected in New York this week? - Metro US

Are you ready for the near-record temps expected in New York this week?

We've got some tips for you to survive the next few days of near-record temperatures in NYC.

New Yorkers will get a taste of summer in the city this week as near-record temperatures are expected to take us into the weekend.

Wednesday’s high was originally expected to be 87, but temperatures in the city reached 90 by the end of the day, according to the National Weather Service. Thursday is expected to hit 90 as well. Friday will have a high near 86 with a slight chance of thunderstorms, but should that day’s temperature change to hit 90 or above as we saw on Wednesday, New York will have had three days in a row at 90 or above, which will give the city its first heat wave of 2017.

Friday’s expected thunderstorms will usher in a low near 57 that night, while Saturday and Sunday should be sunny with refreshing temps in the mid-60s.

While you should already know to do this, let us give you a friendly reminder to be sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you’re out and about during these coming hot days.

Additionally, the NWS has issued an air quality alert that will be in effect until 10 p.m. Thursday for Suffolk, Nassau, Richmond, Kings, Queens, New York, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland counties. If you are sensitive to elevated levels of pollutants or have a pre-existing respiratory problem such as asthma or heart disease, you should try to limit strenuous outdoor activity and contact your doctor.

If you’re already dreading the sweat dripping down your back as you traverse the sidewalks or wait on a sauna-like subway platform praying to get an air-conditioned train car, we have some tips on how to beat the heat these next few days:

• Get thee an AC

The New York metro region can expect a few more 90-plus days than normal this summer, but not as many as we saw last year, Accuweather.com said, so it might be a good time to pop in your AC or get one before prices soar — or your local retail store’s stock depletes. Yes, it may be pricey this time of year for the unit and your electric bill, but can you really put a price on comfort?

• Slurp your way to cool

If you have $1.50, BYO Cup Day returns to 7-Eleven on Friday and Saturday. As long as your “cup” of choice is clean (don’t be that person, OK?), watertight and fits within a 10-inch hole on the store’s standee, the possibilities are endless, so get creative. Past vessels have included popcorn tins, fish tanks and even a Darth Vader helmet.

• Booze on a boat

The upcoming sunny days and mild nights might be a good time to not just drink outside but to do so on one of the city’s many waterways, ferries or floating bars

• Park it

From catching some rays on Central Park’s Sheep Meadow and the Long Meadow in Prospect Park to finding some shade in Washington Square Park, it’s the perfect time to visit one of the city’s more than 1,700 parks — and maybe hop into a fountain or take advantage of a splash pad. 

• Beach yourself

While your favorite local beach and its deliciously refreshing breeze is just a train — or ferry — ride away, be warned that water temperatures are still “dangerously low” this time of year, Accuweather.com reported

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