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Arnett and Bateman make the Internet Dumber

Prince claimed last month that the Internet is dead, but the 52-year-old singer may not be as tapped into the signs of the times as he once was. As more consumers head online to get their entertainment, so does the advertising money — and as we all know, money is power.

The recent launch of DumbDumb.com — a site developed by funnymen Will Arnett and Jason Bateman — seems to underscore a future of overtly-branded online entertainment, taking the place of traditional advertising. DumbDumb is a self-described comedic content, marketing and advertising company for which Arnett and Bateman develop skits that highlight brands like Orbit gum in key plot points.

“Will and I and our peers in the comedy world really like doing these things online, and if you can bring advertising into it, then you monetize that process and then you become a relevant player in the advertising world,” Bateman explained in an interview with PaidContent.org.

“The advertising world is looking for that nowadays since not a lot of people are watching commercials on TV anymore.”

DumbDumb seems to be taking the next logical step beyond successful online comedy sites like FunnyOrDie.com and MyDamnChannel.com, which feature famous comedians and direct contact with an audience that provides valuable page views.

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