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‘Arrested Development’ creator is fixing what everyone hated about Season 4

Mitch Hurwitz, left, with the Bluths.
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Looking a gift horse in the mouth is a cliche for a reason. Just enjoy your damn pony, geez, everyone wants one and you’ve got it, what could possibly be wrong?

But fans of “Arrested Development,” which was canceled by Fox in 2006 after three seasons then resurrected by Netflix in 2013, had a point when they complained about the fourth season. Unlike the others, the 15 episodes focused on an individual character through the same span of time.

It could’ve worked, but “Arrested Development” isn’t a casserole, and the show’s whole proved greater than the sum of its parts.Fans voiced their displeasure; one intrepid Redditor went so far as to recut the episodes.

Now, show creator MitchHurwitz has apparently decided to give that a shot, too.Uproxx reports that Hurwitz gave a recent interview in which he said,“Right now, I’m cutting a version of Season 4 that tells it chronologically.”

It might seem like a whole lot of effort that could be put toward a fifth season, or that movie we keep hearing about, but for the fans – this one among them – who didn’t finish Season 4 because of the jarring shift, it’s just as worthy an endeavor.

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