Arson suspect nabbed after passers-by douse garage fire - Metro US

Arson suspect nabbed after passers-by douse garage fire

Police are crediting a mother-son duo for saving a 95-year-old woman and her son from a potentially deadly house fire in Kitsilano.

Const. Jana McGuinness said officers were able to arrest the suspected arsonist thanks to the pair’s “quick actions,” which included putting out a burgeoning garage fire.

“Investigators feel strongly that the two residents who lived in the home could easily have perished, given that it took officers quite some time to rouse the two residents,” McGuinness said.

A 64-year-old woman and her 34-year-old son were walking their dog around 5 a.m. in the 1800 block of 2nd Avenue when they smelled something burning.

They found a garage on fire and doused it with puddle water using a recycling bin. The son then saw a man with a gas can and began to follow him until he realized the man was armed with an axe. He called 911, and the suspect, a 44-year-old Vancouver man, was arrested near Burrard Street and West 2nd Avenue. He was carrying a knife and an axe.

A gas can was found nearby.

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