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Art gallery’s fate in council’s hands

Local art enthusiasts say the fate of a Calgary art gallery could depend on the results of a motion put forward to city council Monday.

Jacqulynn Mulyk says Artpoint Gallery is banking on the success of a motion by Ald. Joe Ceci on Monday to allow the gallery to continue operating after it’s seen its rent double in costs recently to $64,000 to reflect market prices.

If passed, the motion would essentially allow the city to lease city-owned buildings, such as the Artpoint located in Ramsay/Inglewood, that are slated for future demolition to non-profit arts and culture organizations.

“We really need this motion to pass and we’re really hoping it does because it could be the only way we stay open and a lot of artists depend on this place,” Mulyk said.

“The Artpoint is one of the last affordable places left for artists to get together and show their work. We just can’t raise their rents that much or they wouldn’t be able to afford it and we would eventually have to close the doors.”

Calgary Arts Development supports the initiative and president and CEO Terry Rock said it’s important to save the Artpoint.

“The shortage of affordable art space in Calgary is well known,” he said.

“If passed, this initiative will enable Artpoint to thrive, which benefits artists and Calgarians, while providing a blueprint for similar initiatives in the future.”

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