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Art outside an institution

“Eight Sculptors 2012”

Now through December 22

Paula Cooper Gallery

521 W. 21st St.



Featuring the work of Sanford Biggers, Sam Durant, Matias Faldbakken, Liz Glynn, Justin Matherly, Matt Sheridan Smith, Molly Smith and Rudolf Stingel, this collection curated by Paula Cooper Gallery highlights the wide range of contemporary styles within one art form.

Robert Kushner: “New Paintings/New Collages”

Now through December 22

DC Moore Gallery

535 W. 22nd St., 2nd Floor



Since the 1970s, American artist Robert Kushner has had a constantly evolving perspective on the art of decoration. Drawing inspiration from both Islamic patterns and Japanese screens, the artist creates lush, sprawling murals that are now on display at the DC Moore Gallery.

Editor’s pick

Cy Twombly: ‘The Last Paintings’

Cy Twombly: “A Survey of Photographs 1954-2011”

Now through Dec. 22nd

Gagosian Gallery

980 Madison Ave.



As an American artist known for his sprawling graffiti paintings, Cy Twombly’s last works were clearly representative of his lifelong aesthetic. To accompany these large-scale paintings, the Gagosian Gallery shares a collection of about 100 photographs the artist had taken throughout his life, ranging from those shot in the 1950s to landscapes snapped in St. Barths in 2011 just before his death.

Editor’s pick

Ed Ruscha

Now through December 22

Gagosian Gallery

555 W. 24th St.



Employing found objects like gunpowder, bleach and coffee and the more traditional art forms of photography, sculpture and collage, Nebraskan Ed Ruscha’s obsession with books and language becomes clear in this exhibition which also includes oil and acrylic paintings, drawings and watercolors.

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