Artist covers Trump portrait with semen, because, art

An artist claims he covered a portrait he drew of Donald Trump with his own semen as a way of protesting the real estate mogul’s bombastic statements.

Oh, and he recorded a video of the act and shared it online. In the video you can hear moaning and then a liquid hitting the portrait as the person in the video shouts “America!”

You can watch the whole NSFWvideo, if you really want to.

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Why did the artist do it? He wanted to embarrass the mogul by showing him with “eggs on his face.”

“It seems to me embarrassed is the only word Mr. Trump should be using to describe himself, not proud, or great, or militaristic, or winning,” The artist, who refers to himself as Penicasso wrote in a statement regarding his artistic protest. “No, the only word he should be using is embarrassed. Embarrassed of his inconsiderate remarks toward women. Embarrassed of his calls to ban Muslims from the land of the free. Embarrassed that he called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. Embarrassed of what he said about John McCain, and the list goes on and on.”

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Penicasso goes on to explain that eggs just weren’t going to cut it and that he had to use semen instead.

“I opted to ejaculate on my drawing of Donald Trump while shouting, “America!” and posted a video of it on DailyMotion,” Penicasso wrote. “I hope that people around the world will read this and know just one thing: Donald Trump’s views are not those of all Americans, in fact a lot of us think he has egg on his face.”

The semen covered picture is up for auction on eBay. Penicasso promises that any proceeds will be donated to the Flint Water Fund. As of this post the picture has no bids and remains at its .99 cent starting amount.

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