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As the city sleeps, the west end spins to life

While downtown Halifax falls asleep after work, Quinpool Road leads the west end into an evening of first dates, birthday celebrations and after-work socials.

From the panoramic views of the Atlantica Hotel’s dining room overlooking the Willow Tree intersection, to the classic style of the Armview at the edge of the Northwest Arm, the West End offers cuisines from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lebanon and Iran, among others.
It even throws in a KFC for when you need a fix of greasy chicken.

On Sept. 18, the Quinpool Road Mainstreet Fall Fair will pull in crowds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Touted as a pirates day, it will have a bouncy castle, face paintings, crafts, barbecues and lots more. Check out Quinpoolroad.ca for details. The site also has a full list of restaurants and cafes in the area.

If you want to go to the movies in Halifax, you can’t escape Empire Theatres, but the elegant Oxford can make a refreshing break from the packed cineplexes outside the city and tends to show less-hyped Hollywood fare.

For a creative break especially popular with kids and dating teenagers, the Clay Café provides pottery and paints. You just need to bring the skills.

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