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Asia Argento accuses Rose McGowan’s partner of knowing ‘truth’ about Bourdain’s death

Asia Argento Twitter silence broken
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The Asia Argento Twitter account has finally broken its silence since the sexual assault allegations from child star Jimmy Bennett made headlines last month. First, let’s go over the facts.

#MeToo activist Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett

Bennett was 7 when he played Argento’s child in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004). They allegedly maintained a “mother-son” relationship throughout the years and in 2013, when Bennett was 17 and Argento was 37, they met up at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, CA where Bennett said Argento gave him alcohol, sexually assaulted him and took photos of them embracing.

Asia Argento Twitter silence broken. Argento, Bennett and actor John Robinson

These claims were detailed in intent to sue documents verified by The New York Times. A $380,000 agreement over emotional and financial damages (i.e. stalled acting career) was made between the two — of which $250,000 has already been paid.

Argento first denied they had any sexual relationship, arguing that she and former boyfriend, the late Anthony Bourdain, paid Bennett to ease his “severe economic problems” (Bennett filed a lawsuit against his parents in 2014, claiming they’d cheated him out of $1.5 million). Argento also claimed Bourdain was “afraid of the possible negative publicity that such person, whom he considered dangerous, could have brought upon us.”

Then, texts released by Rose McGowan’s partner, model Rain Dove, refuted Argento’s denial. In the texts, she implied that Bennett wanted the encounter to happen and that he was the one to harass her after the fact, sending her “unsolicited nudes all these years.” Photos of Argento and Bennett were also released.

McGowan, if you recall, has been Argento’s confidante. Both were among the first women to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Both are advocates for the #MeToo movement. 

One of these texts between Dove and Argento, released by TMZ, reads: “it wasn’t raped [sic] but I was frozen. He was on top of me. After, he told me I had been his sexual fantasy since was 12.” Another one, according to the news site, called Bennett a “horny kid … I had sex with him it felt weird.”

Argento then confirmed that they did in fact have sex — her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, classified it as a “one-time only encounter” — and stated she will not pay Bennett the rest of the money. Heller accused Bennett of “sexually attacking” and extorting his client.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department started an investigation but announced they have not yet “located any police report alleging criminal activity … in relation to this incident.” According to TMZ, Bennett, 22, is now officially going to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to file a sexual assault claim against Argento — due to her claims that he “sexually attacked” her — and cooperate with the investigation.

Asia Argento Twitter silence is broken

Dove, McGowan’s partner, tweeted out a link to an article by The Wrap, which details a lengthy statement released by Heller this past Tuesday on Argento’s choice to stop Bennett’s payments. 

The statement also spoke to alleged “unlawful sex with a minor,” “stalking,” “child pornography” and “child exploitation” charges against Bennett filed in 2014 at the Los Angeles Police Department. Metro has contacted the LAPD for confirmation.

Dove tweeted at Argento, “Why is your attourneybstill [sic] saying that your relationship wasn’t sexual?! Tell the truth @AsiaArgento. Please. Be the person You demand others to be and TELL THE TRUTH.”

The Italian actress took to her official Asia Argento Twitter account to respond, calling Dove a “sick pathological liar” and accusing him of knowing “the truth” about Bourdain’s death.

Argento then posted screenshots in the thread of alleged texts between the two regarding Bourdain’s death. In one text, Dove appears to suggest “people could disappear” if they knew the truth. 

Bourdain’s death, resulting from suicide, occurred on June 8. His toxicology report showed a trace of alcohol in his system as well as the following: “No trace of narcotics. No trace of any toxic products. Trace of medicines in therapeutic dose.” Bourdain had a history of substance abuse. 

“Are you afraid you went too far with your fake espionage stories?” reads the last reply from the Asia Argento Twitter account. “The world needs to know all the lies you told me about Anthony’s death.”

No word yet about what exactly these “lies” mean. 

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