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Aussie invasion takes a noir turn with ‘The Square’

Hollywood has been seeing something of an Australian invasion lately, with actors like Sam Worthington and Liam Hemsworth vying for attention at multiplexes. The Aussie influx continues with the release of “The Square,” the debut feature from brothers Nash and Joel Edgerton.

Directed by Nash and co-written and co-starring Joel, “The Square” is a twisty, gripping noir thriller about an average man making a series of terrible yet believable mistakes in an effort to run away with his mistress.

For the Edgertons, believability was key in making a successful modern-day noir. “It’s all about keeping the relationships real and complicated and gray,” explains Nash. “If you’re believing what’s happening, then the shocks and surprises are actually shocks and surprises.”

The brothers both have extensive experience in film, in front of and behind the camera. While Joel is gaining ground as an actor, Nash got his start as a stuntman. On several occasions, Nash has doubled for Joel.

“I’ve turned up on film sets and been his stunt double — dressed up like him and then been hit by a car for him while he’s all rugged up having a coffee, chatting to a makeup artist,” Nash says. “I’m like, ‘How did this happen?’”

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