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Author takes aim at conspiracy theories in new book

Pearl Harbor. 9/11. The assassination of John F. Kennedy. Many people don’t believe what’s recounted in the history books. In Voodoo Histories,British author David Aaronovitch takes on those conspiracy theorists.

Who do you think are more into conspiracy theories, Americans or the British?
I would have said the Americans, particularly in the way your politics are so polarizing. But then along comes the Diana “murder,” and we quickly lose our smugness.

Why do smart people believe things that are so far-fetched?
The thing about conspiracy theories is they are more satisfying than real life. They take all of the messiness and accident and coincidence out and replace it with something planned. So even if it’s bad, it’s still more reassuring that someone has planned something rather than it being so messy and awful.

What is the top theory you’re surprised people believe?
Sept. 11. (conspiracist) David Ray Griffin is a top theologian, but he can’t see there isn’t one kernel of evidence to support his theories.

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