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Auto bailouts can address real systemic changes

In further comment on the ridiculously excessive executive salaries, as Canadians we need to be asking how and when this folly can be amended.

A recent event where potential for some redress of these ballooning paycheques is the auto industry bailouts.

Perhaps a reasonable model of modesty in executive compensation could be extended to other public arenas, such as school boards, hospitals, transit authorities and financial institutions. So why have Stephen Harper and Dalton McGuinty not seized this opportunity to establish clear guidelines for exactly how this auto sector bailout money be used? Aren’t these extreme inequities and enemies of Canadian prosperity and unity worthy of attention?

The Canadian public is entitled to more than the lip service we have been given.

This has been and still has the potential to address some real systemic changes to how business is done in Canada for the benefit of all Canadians and not just a privileged few.

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