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Aziz Ansari: Race, raunch and too many bromances

“Can everyone stop saying bromance?” Aziz Ansari snips. “For some reason that bothers me. There is an alternate ending we just shot where we all f— each other. And when we watched that, we thought, ‘This is turning into a gay thing.’”

The comedian and star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” is talking about his role in “30 Minutes or Less.” Director Ruben Fleischer describes the film as a “double buddy comedy,” since Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg play two friends forced to rob a bank by two other buddies (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) who want to make fast money in order to open a tanning salon-slash-brothel. The two pairs seem incredibly chummy offscreen and on, but that doesn’t mean Ansari would put up with Eisenberg’s wild driving skills for the car chase scenes.

“It is Jesse in the car but in the passenger seat, it’s not me,” he says. “It’s actually Jamie Foxx and they CGI-ed my face on in post, because I was too scared.”

But one thing Ansari will never wuss out on is a chance to make a joke about race — his own or that of anyone else.

“It would’ve been awkward if there was a white character saying that stuff,” he says referencing cracks he made at his own expense. “It’s a good thing it was me, because those would not have made sense. They had to stop me sometimes like, ‘Aziz, you’re not Korean, you can’t say that.’”