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B.C. film industry still booming despite recession

Good news: Shootings have gone up in Vancouver, and no, they’re not the gang-related type.

Film and television spending in B.C. went up more than $250 million in 2008 compared to the year before.

Movies such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, X-Files and TV shows such as Supernatural and Smallville were among the productions shot here.

Bill Bennett, minister of tourism, culture and the arts, said the 30 per cent increase is due to hard work.

“Even in these challenging economic times, the work we’ve put into strengthening B.C.’s economy means that motion picture production will continue to grow and thrive,” Bennett said.

The majority of the increase is in foreign films, which spent $841 million of the $1.2 billion total.

David Paperny, president of Paperny Films, said the province’s ability to evolve is what makes it work.

“The film and television industry is changing at a phenomenal pace,” Paperny said. “The ability of B.C. companies to respond quickly and adapt to both economic and technological change are the defining characteristics of our industry.”

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