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B.C. Liberals accused of suppressing statistics

The provincial Liberals are being accused of intentionally withholding damning welfare statistics until May 15, so the public wouldn’t know about them until after the May 12 election.

NDP Leader Carole James said yesterday the statistics should have been posted on April 30.

“I don’t seen any reason why you wouldn’t (post them) as they do every month,” she said. “The fact that the public affairs bureau (told ministry officials) that nothing should go out until after the election raises questions about why the government was keeping this information.”

The statistics showed a significant rise in welfare rolls, reflecting high unemployment and resulting in extra budget pressures.

“It’s clear the Campbell government put its political interests ahead of the public’s right to information,” James said.

“The government will either have a bigger deficit, or they’re going to be making large cuts. It’s one or the other and I don’t the think the government wanted to know that.”

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