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B.C. only province with rising emissions: Stats

British Columbia is the only province that saw an increase in reported greenhouse-gas emissions in 2008, according to figures released by Environment Canada.

The rise — two per cent last year — is blamed on conventional oil and gas extraction, the agency said, but the province’s total emissions still rank far below Alberta’s.

While B.C.’s heavy industries are responsible for five per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse-gas emissions, Alberta is responsible for 42 per cent and Ontario for 26 per cent.

NDP MLA Rob Fleming, said yesterday “the disappointing fact that emissions continue to rise in B.C. alone out of 10 provinces” is unflattering.

“It’s embarrassing when the premier received an award for the carbon tax in Copenhagen last week,” said Fleming.

George Heyman, executive director of the Sierra Club, said the good that comes from the carbon tax has been dwarfed by the damage done by added oil extraction or the failure to invest in public transportation. “The government is hanging its hat on the success of (contradictory) legislation,” said Heyman.

The figures cover emissions reported by industrial facilities like power plants, paper mills and factories.

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