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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star says she did not consent to that sexual encounter

Corinne Olympios Bachelor in Paradise Sexual Allegations

On Monday, news broke that production on “Bachelor in Paradise” had been halted after accusations of sexual misconduct came out. Now, more disturbing details are arising — with one contestant saying she did not consent to the filmed sexual encounter. Here’s what we know.

Contestant Corinne Olympios says she was blacked out when things got sexual with “The Bachelorette” alum DeMario Jackson. And according to TMZ, she blames the producers for not pulling the plug and protecting her. She says she remembers nothing.

Apparently, after the alleged swimming pool incident — which saw what TMZ delicately calls “intense rubbing” and a series of sex acts, but not actual intercourse between Corinne and DeMario — fellow cast member began telling Corinne about what happened with DeMario, and that they had voiced concern to producers. Corinne says she remembers nothing.

Chris Harrison, host and unofficial “Bachelor” franchise mascot, says there’s been a lot of misinformation about the “Bachelor in Paradise” controversy. “They’re moving quickly to gather all the facts, and once that’s done, a clear, concise decision can be made about where we go from here,” he writes in a statement.

“There are a lot of competing details in the various press accounts of the incident. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there too,” Harrison adds. “We urge everyone to be patient until the investigation is complete.”

This is messed up on so many levels. Here’s hoping Corinne isn’t simply seen as a girl who was asking for it — because no matter what, women are never “just asking for it.”

Besides, producers intervene on the Bachelor franchise all the time. It’s their damn job — to manipulate the story and the characters. But not stepping in when something serious like this is going on? Well. That’s a bridge too far. 

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