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Baffled Queens nabe asks: Why did Jonathon Walker kill his family?

Baffled Queens nabe asks: Why did Jonathon Walker kill his family?
NYPD Handout

What made him snap?

That’s the question residents of a quiet Queens neighborhood were asking a day after 34-year-old security guard Jonathon Walker went on a murderous rampage that left his girlfriend, her mother and his youngest daughter dead, each with a bullet to the head.

Walker, who took his own life soon after the Saturday morning slayings, was “smiling, looking fine” the day before, Ramseys Destrada, a neighbor told Newsday.

“They looked like a nice, happy family. He didn’t seem on the verge of any kind of breakdown. I can’t imagine what led him to this.”

The big question is “what happened to make him snap?” City Councilman Donovan Richards told the paper. “It doesn’t add up, it just does not add up.”

A co-worker reported that just hours before the slaughter, Walker told him he was picking up some beers and heading home to watch Netflix with the family, said Richards

Instead, the six-foot, 260-pound dad burst into the family’s home on 148th Avenue and went from room to room fatally shooting daughter Kayla, 7; her mom and his girlfriend, Shantai Hale, 31; and Viola Warren, Hale’s 62-year-old mom, cops said.

He also shot a second daughter, Christina, 12, who survived and is in critical in Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Christina, who is now reportedly in a medically-induced coma, somehow managed tyo 911 after her dad fled the scene in an SUV. She told cops horrific details of what transpired, NYDailyNews.com reports.

A cousin, Joseph Simmons told The News that “Christina and Walker’s eyes met in the silent moment before he shot her. He was looking at her when he shot her. She was looking at him. Literally looking at her,” Simmons said. “She was the one that called 911 and said, ‘My dad did it.’ ”

Walker was later found dead, slumped over behind the wheel of the SUV, on a dirt road near nearby Kennedy Airport in the Bergen Basin.

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