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Bald hedgehog gets daily massages with almond oil

Jeremy Durkin/REX/Shutterstock

This cuddly bald hedgehog isn’t feeling quite so sharp due to a trauma in the wild. The critter called Nelson is suffering from stress-related alopecia, which has caused him to lose all his spines. The animal, who is now being cared for at the Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue center in the UK, was initially suffering from bald patches before all his prickles fell out. But his smooth exterior does have one advantage — he gets a lot more love from the staff at the care center.

“He doesn’t have a single prickle or hair on his entire body. Though he does have nails so he is a mystery and we will likely never know what caused him to lose his hair and spikes.” Tonia Garner, manager at Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue center, UK said.

For the last year, volunteers have massaged him for half an hour a day with almond oil to soothe the dry flaky skin on his body and encourage his spikes to grow back. So far his massage therapy has produced no results but he will continue to receive the treatment because it helps to keep his skin soft and smooth.

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