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Bar for ‘beautiful people only’ set to open in LA

The online dating site Beautiful People is opening an exclusive club in LA that only lets the attractive enter.

The elitist club’s very strict door policy is brutal: Anyone who’s deemed too ugly — by a panel of judges —to party will be ejected at the door. However, if you’re already a member of the Beautiful People community, you’ll get priority when it comes to making it past the velvet rope.

The only other people who are likely to pass muster are those lookers introduced by its committee members — aka the “Beauty Police” —made up of celebrity trainers, models, actors and directors, or, of course, if you’ve got millions.

Greg Hodge, managing director at BeautifulPeople.com, explains why it’s necessary to separate the hot from the ugly.

Why did you come up with the idea to create a “beautiful people only” club?

The concept of BeautifulPeople.com was founded on a very basic principle of human nature. We all want to be with someone we find attractive. It’s Darwinism… it is millions of years of evolution — it may not be politically correct to say so, but it is the truth.

But beauty is very subjective…

Yes, that is why we have democratized the process. We created the largest online dating community in the world. To be accepted, you need to get voted in by existing members of the opposite sex over a 48 hour period based on an image and brief profile description. If you get a majority of positive votes, you are accepted; otherwise, you are shown the door.

And now you are going offline?

Yes, we are now launching our first flagship “Beautiful People Private Members’ Club” in West Hollywood.

Why is there a need for such a club?

The website is a dating and networking website with a focus on dating. The club will be an exclusive highend members’ bar for beautiful people, but in the real world.

How are you going to select who can enter the club?

The club will be for members of our online community and their guests. Our door pickers which have been coined the “Beauty Police” by the media will assess whether guests are attractive enough to enter the club. If not, they will remain outside the velvet ropes.

Is there any other way in?

Members of our community and their guests are the priority. Some exceptions will be made for high net worth individuals. So if you are not that attractive but are very wealthy you may be granted access.

Why is that?

Money and wealth are strong factors in defining beauty especially with women. People find money and wealth attractive so that also fits into the concept of beauty.

People from which countries are most frequently rejected?

We can see the most to least beautiful countries in the world by registering how many people apply from each country relative to how many are accepted. The least attractive countries in the world for men are the United Kingdom, Russia and Poland with less than 9percent of men that apply accepted. The least attractive countries for women are: United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia with the majority of female applicants to the site from these countries being refused.

And the most “beautiful” ones?

For men it is Sweden (60 percent accepted), Denmark (40 percent accepted) and Brazil (41 percent accepted). And for women: Norway (70 percent accepted) , Sweden (62 percent accepted) and Iceland (61 percent accepted).

I’ve sent you my photograph. Will I be accepted?

No, but if you have a net worth of over 10 million… maybe.

What’s next?

LA will be our first flagship bar. The aim is to roll out our private members’ clubs in all the style capitals of the world.

-Dmitry Belyaev

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