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Bars free to collect a pint of information

Alberta bars now officially have the right to collect personal information from their patrons, according to the provincial government.

Amendments to the Gaming and Liquor Act officially became provincial law this week and allow bar operators to collect a patron’s name, age and photograph to decide if they can enter the premises.

“This is serious stuff and bar operators must ensure they are behaving properly and responsibly, and that only those who truly deserve to be excluded are placed on any kind of ‘bad guy’ list,” Alberta’s privacy commissioner Frank Work said, adding guidelines have been developed to assist bar owners in collecting information.

But the new rules don’t sit well with Matt Kozac as someone who enjoys going out a couple nights a week to bars.

“I’m not hiding anything but it bothers me they will be able to have that information at their fingers. How do I know who is working the door?” he asks.

“They may as well add me to Facebook too, they will find out more information that way.”

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