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Baseball MLB All Star Game odds betting gambling preview advice

Baseball MLB All Star Game odds betting gambling
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It’s not quite as bet-friendly an event as the Super Bowl (or any NFL game for that matter), but the annual MLB All-Star Game does offer a surprisingly high number of unique betting opportunities. There is currently a plethora of betting options for Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic (8 p.m., FOX) at MetroBet.us/Sugar including unique game lines, parlay options and game props.

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Here are some of the top options:


National League (+102) at American League (-115)


Total Runs

Over 8.5 -115  Under 8.5 +100


Moneyline and Total Runs 8.5 Parlay

Home Team and Over +235

Home Team and Under +260

Away Team and Over +270

Away Team and Under +295

Bet Now

First team to score

National League -148 at American League +123


Extra Innings to be played

Yes +800

No -1430

A great one to bet on here are the totals (total runs over – under). The conventional wisdom suggests that most every All-Star Game has a ridiculously high score because it’s typically offense-heavy. That’s true for the NBA and the Pro Bowl, but baseball has had some surprisingly low scores over the years. Remember, these elite pitchers like to show off, too!

Neither the American or National League have put up double figures in runs in an All-Star Game since 1998, when the AL plunked down 13 runs on the NL.

Last year’s game did hit the over, with a high-scoring affair at Nationals Park (AL 8, NL 6). But going back to the start of this decade there have been some very low-scoring affairs. Here’s a look at the All-Star Game scores going back to 2010.

2018: AL 8, NL 6

2017: AL 2, NL 1

2016: AL 4, NL 2

2015: AL 6, NL 3

2014: AL 5, NL 3

2013: AL 3, NL 0

2012: NL 8, AL 0

2011: NL 5, AL 1

2010: NL 3, AL 1

In only two of those years did the AL and NL combine for over 8.5 runs, which is the total for tonight’s affair.

Most people hate to root for the under, but you should hammer it consistently if you’re a fan of making money!

The play: Home Team and Under (+255)

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