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Bat-winged dinosaur discovered in China

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Chinese scientists claim to have discovered what they believe to be a new dinosaur species with wings.

Based on the rendering of this creature, the wings have membranes between them much like a bat or flying squirrel. The new species shows how dinosaurs could have evolved from birds.

According to a recent report in the scientific journal “Nature,” scientists estimated the dinosaur existed 160 million years ago based on a fossil specimen that was discovered 10 years ago.

The dinosaur, named Yi qi (“ee chee), has the shortest name ever given to dinosaurs. Yi qu translates to “strange wing” in Chinese because of its wings.

“This is the most unexpected discovery I have ever made, even though I have discovered a few really bizarre dinosaurs in my career,” says Xing, one of the authors published in Nature.

Scientists are unable to determine if the Yi qi used its wings to glide or flapped them. Research suggests the dinosaur could have used its wings to glide, because of the weak muscles and bones in the wings.

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