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Bavarians defy coronavirus with drive-thru ‘Dult’ fair

The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Germany

BERLIN (Reuters) – May is the month for the first of the annual Bavarian “Dults,” Germany’s folk festivals where locals gather in beer tents to feast and drink on regional specialties.

However, not so this year as the coronavirus has put a stop to all large spring and summer gatherings.

Not to be beaten by the virus, Landshut pub-owner Patrick Schmidt took his tent, rolled up the sides and condensed the whole “Dult” experience into a drive-thru culinary delight.

In just one circuit, cyclists and drivers can pick up their roast pork and dumplings, stockfish, pretzels and beer, listen to some music and take home a gingerbread heart for loved ones.

“We actually didn’t reckon with this rush when we started,” Schmidt said,” as visitors teemed through the improvised drive-through.

“The first weekend it felt like I sent the family out three times a day to get more cheese. We bought out wholesale supermarket sections. In Munich and Landshut, we emptied out the supermarkets,” he added with a chuckle.

The local fair business will still suffer huge losses – a normal beer tent can accommodate over 4000 people – but Schmidt said it was worth it just to keep busy during difficult times.

“Of course it’s not the ‘Dult’ its a completely different thing but it’s a nice idea and puts a smile on your face and that is the main thing at the moment,” said one visitor of the drive-thru.

(Reporting by Ayhan Uyanik, Christina Soukenka and Tanya Wood; Editing by Aurora Ellis)

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