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Be careful on your heels, they can do a body bad

They’re a much-loved fashion accessory, but high heels can stretch your muscles in painful ways.

How does wearing high heels damage your body?

Bunions: Wearing tight-fitted shoes may cause a bony growth on the joint at the base of the big toe.

Calf muscle: High heels cause the calf muscle to contract as it is forced to adjust to the irregular angle. In the long term this can cause the muscle to shorten and tighten.

Achilles tendon: The higher heel you choose, the shorter your tendon becomes. This in turn will create heel pain as the front of the foot moves downwards in relation to the heel as your Achilles tendon tightens up.

Poor Posture: Holding a good posture is rare when perched in vertiginous heels. The heels push the centre mass of the body forward causing the hips and the spine to move out of their alignment. Bad posture is also responsible for lower back pain.

Knobbly Knees: Walking in high heels alters the posture of walking as it places an excess of force and mass onto the inside of the knee.

Bad Balance: You are at a greater risk of falling over and therefore damaging your ankle (sprain and break) since high heels create bad balance.

Metatarsalgia: High heels force body weight to be redistributed. Wear over long periods can lead to joint pain in the ball of the foot, known as metatarsalgia.

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