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Be careful, you may catch that smile

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. It just might be true.

April is oral health month, and what’s really hot right now is cosmetic procedures.

Everyone wants a movie-star smile. Before you commit to bleaching, crowns, veneers or orthodontics, the first step is to visit your dentist. Explain what you would like your teeth to look like and what your budget is, and your dentist can guide you to the best treatments. They can also make sure you have healthy teeth and gums.

Depending on what you want to spend, bleaching and whitening can be done by the dentist, or you can do it at home using a kit, but this is less effective and the chances of over-doing it are higher. The in-between solution is to get a mold made by the dentist and then do the bleaching at home.

The benefits of a dazzling smile are many: it helps you get jobs, attracts people to you, makes you feel good, and — according to a German study — smiling is contagious.

Using MRI scans of people’s brains, German researchers found that seeing a happy, smiling face triggers involuntary activity in the brain, so that the instinctual response is a smile rather than a frown..

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