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Bearded Dragon found chillin’ in Somerville

Tori Sweetser and her boyfriend Josh Huber were on their way to pick up a U-Haul Saturday afternoon, and ended up going home with a little more than they bargained for.

While driving down Broadway, near the intersection of Simpson Avenue in Somerville, Huber slammed on the breaks as he noticed a large, orange lizard moseying through the crosswalk.

“At least it was being responsible,” Sweetser said of the reptile.

They pulled over, got out, and approached the lizard.

“It looked between 16 and 18 inches long, which is unusually big. We tried to figure out what to do with it. We shewed it onto the sidewalk, and it started to become a spectacle. A few other people stopped, and we tried calling 311 and animal control, but nobody could help us,” Sweetser said.

The lizard, overwhelmed with attention, scurried into a nearby yard.

“It’s big, and it runs fast. I remember thinking, ‘This thing is either going to scare the crap out of someone, or get itself run over,” Sweetser said.

The lizard was persuaded into a cardboard box, and eventually brought back home with Sweetser and Huber. That’s when the couple decided to put out a call on the Davis Square Live Journal page.

The idea turned out to be effective. Soon, a friend of a friend identified the lizard as a rare Bearded Dragon, and instructed Sweetser and Huber to feed it kale.

Local animal rescue came by and scooped up the lizard, however Sweetser is hopeful that the reptile, most likely a pet, will reunite with its owners.

Since Saturday, she has gotten tips that there are “Missing Lizard” flyers in Davis Square. Today, she plans to track down the owner.

“I am a fan of reptiles, so I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t think it would be poisonous or anything. The lizard was very chill.”

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