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Beaufille on Solange and casting Instagram models for NYFW

Since 2013, sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon of Beaufille have taken the fashion world by storm. The twenty-something siblings, who just made Forbes’ 2017“30 under 30”list, have seen their looks onLady Gagaand featured onexclusive sites such asNet-a-Porter. Beaufille (“handsome girl” in French) seamlessly merges the masculine and feminine: a sleek, backless one-piece adorned with ruffles; a clean-lined dress that gives way to a playful flare. Parris, the jeweler of the duo, goes big with geometric statement pieces —sterling silver hoops, chunky diamond studs —or minimal with delicate rings and tiny half-moon earrings.

“A strong pant, a good sleeve and an earring are pretty essential to our brand and what we’re excited about wearing,” says Chloe.

Now the Toronto-based duo is gearing up for their thirdNYFW show, held this Sunday at Industria Studios in the West Village. The sisters tell us what styles they’re experimenting with this season and who they’d love to dress.

What can you tell us about your fall collection?

Chloe:We just finished the collection yesterday so we’re very much still digesting what it is that we made.[Laughs] We are taking a risk with colors this season and definitely having some bolder pieces, more graphic items. That’s what we’re experimenting with right now.

What’s it like having a sister for a creative partner?

Chloe:Our relationship growing up kind of paved the way for this. We’ve always been very close and interested in art and fashion. We both went to art school together; Parris studied jewelry design and I studied textile design and fashion. We started creating collections back then and it was a very organic process.

We read that you often cast non-models and Instagram finds.

Chloe: We’re interested in discovering new faces and using more interesting girls for sure. We don’t need somebody to be signed by an agency,if they’re cool and have a good look for the collection, then we book them.

Is there anyone you would love to dress?

Parris:We’d love to get our stuff on Solange. She puts together some amazing looks and she’s very funky, which is kind of where some of our stuff is going. It’s still very clean and minimal, but we’re definitely having more fun with it anda lot of pieces would be well-suited for her.​

How do you transition your collections into everyday wear?

Chloe:It’s just what we strive to do: everything is meant to be effortless and easy and chill and that’s very much our ethos. We don’t want our clothes to wear the person,the person should wear them.