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Beautiful in The Beach

Bustling with life and vigour, The Beach is one of Toronto’s most desirable places to eat, visit and live.

The area — bounded by Coxwell Avenue to Victoria Park and from Kingston Road to the lakeshore — is a tight-knit community in constant flux, frequented by tourists drawn to its beautiful beachfront setting and emboldened by residents who couldn’t possibly imagine living anywhere else.

Whether you’re shopping among the tightly packed independent stores that line Queen Street East through the area’s heart, meeting up with scores of other dog lovers in Kew Gardens Park, jogging or cycling on the Boardwalk that hugs the beach shoreline or just looking for that unique house to make your home, it’s not uncommon to think that perhaps The Beach’s mantra should read: “Spoiled for Choice.”

The area’s rich history has led to a wealth of architectural landmarks like the Leuty Lifeguard station, the iconic Fire Station 227, the local branch of the Toronto Public Library and the famous R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant whose unique look has been featured in films like Undercover Brother, Half Baked and In the Mouth of Madness.

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould grew up in the area and his family home still stands at 32 Southwood Dr. and other famous Canadians including Norman Jewison, Keanu Reeves and Donald Sutherland either lived or went to school in the area.

While some controversy over the name ensued for years — many people also recognize “The Beaches” as a suitable moniker — there’s no question that this vibrant neighbourhood embodies the spirit of Toronto well as a place where wondrous variety melds with a strong sense of community.

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