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Beauty and the heavyweight beast

He is a 33-year-old, 6-foot-6, 240-pound Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champ who speaks four languages, excels at chess, was in “Ocean’s Eleven,” is passionate about golf and hasn’t lost a fight since 1998.

She is a 5-foot-nothing, 20-year-old actress that doesn’t weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. They are about as well matched as Charlie Sheen and sobriety.

There’s a slight chance you could guess the boxer, but since very few people follow the sport — they might if there was an American who was a factor in the heavyweight division — we’ll give you his name: Wladimir Klitschko.

The actress? You’d never guess. She doesn’t spout crazy and the closest she’s been to muscles was in “Remember The Titans.” She’s on a show that airs on the same slot as Monday Night Football, so she probably has no clue.

She is Hayden Panettiere. The girl with the frame of a gymnast is indeed dating the hulking boxer. The two spent New Year’s Eve together in Miami and were photographed poolside hanging out — a true beauty and the beast snapshot. He is abnormally large; she looks like Fay Wray in the hands of King Kong.

Boxers are rarely seen in the company of wives or girlfriends as it makes them appear less menacing and more human. We, however, like our boxers terrifying and more vicious than a rottweiler and capable of serious bodily harm with no regard for human life.

The only notable boxer we can think of to fit that bill is Mike Tyson when he paired up with Robin Givens. We all know how that worked out. Iron Mike was married to Givens for one year, then they split, then he lost for the first time to Buster Douglas and his career was never the same.

Klitshcko’s next fight is in March and don’t think his opponent isn’t peering at those poolside photos of him, just thinking, ‘softie.’ Or as Arnold would call him, ‘a girly man.”

– Jason Raj McIntyre covers athletes off the field and runs the popular blog, TheBigLead.com.

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