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Beauty on a budget

Shopping guru Kristina Matisic says knowing how to shop doesn’t mean you always make the right decisions.

“We definitely know how to shop for clothes,” says Matisic, co-host of the new beauty-on-a-budget series Anna and Kristina’s Beauty Call, premiering Tuesday on the W Network.

“But we don’t always know style. And I think our new show is all about our search for style.”

Best known for her long-running The Shopping Bags series, Matisic is once-again teaming up with co-host Anna Wallner for this new show, which aims to help viewers pull off beauty and style on a budget.

To do this, Matisic and Wallner will test every beauty product imaginable, talk to experts, and offer up a makeover to a fashion victim. However, unlike other “makeover” shows, Beauty Call will feature nothing but “willing” participants.

“All our candidates volunteered,” laughs Matisic. “But we’re not out to change their whole life — just a specific look for a specific time.”

For instance, in the opening episode the duo hosts help a woman find the right “professional look” for work.

However, things don’t always go smoothly on Beauty Call. Matisic and Wallner’s choices in fashion often come under the critical eye of experts, including Lisa Tant, editor-in-chief of Flare magazine.

“We definitely put our taste under the microscope on this,” she says.

Since The Shopping Bags debuted in 1999, the TV landscape has exploded with dozens of shopping, fashion and makeover-related series of varying quality and interest. Matisic says what has always set her work apart from the others is her on-screen chemistry with co-host Wallner.

“People just like to watch our relationship and the differences that we have,” says Matisic, who shares a background in television news with Wallner.

“But while we want to give information to people, we also want to entertain. To give them stuff they can use but do it in a fun way.”

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