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Belgian fry joint Pommes Frites launches IndieGoGo for new location

Pommes Frites is reopening and seeking help. The Belgian Fry joint was once located in the East Village until a massive gas explosion destroyed several buildings on 2nd Avenue including the eatery.

A few months have passed and Pommes Frites is ready to reopen in the fall at its new location: 128 MacDougal St. The small business launched an IndieGoGo campaign yesterday morning to raise $64,000. The money raised will be used to cover the cost of replacing their equipment.

Although Pommes Frites had insurance, receiving a settlement is not a quick and easy process and because Pommes Frites has been around for about 18 years, many of the eatery’s assets will be considered either fully or significantly depreciated, according to the campaign page

“In short, it’s likely that we’ll be getting much less than we need to re-open,” owner and campaigner Suzanne Levinson wrote.

Within 24 hours, Pommes Frites received $4,105 in donations from 103 funders.

The first $2,000 will be put towards a Custom Fry Soaker, Levinson wrote. After that is the refrigeration system that will cost $19,500.

Funders will receive a range of rewards for their donations, depending on the amount. Rewards can include anything from a voucher for an order of frites to having your name on the wall to being on the menu for a month. With a donation of $10,000, a donor is rewarded with a private party with 30 friends and all the frites and sauces they can eat in Pommes Frites new location.

This is the second fundraising campaign Pommes Frites has had, the first was shortly after the explosion. The shop received social media support from other New York eateries, including the Meatball Shop.

And delivery service Caviar NYC:

Pommes Frites encouraged customers to share their Pommes Frites stories with the hashtag #bringbackthefrites.

In the fall, the new shop will still have the authentic European experience of the old shop but hopefully with some new sauces, new seating, new medieval timber-frame Tudor design touches and a beer license.

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