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Ben Affleck ‘in a dark place,’ leaning on guy pals for support

So how is Ben Affleck handling things following the announcement of his impending divorce from Jennifer Garner? Not very well, apparently. Luckily his best buddies, Matt Damon and agent Patrick Whitesell, are there to help. “Ben’s taking all the blame for the end of his marriage. He didn’t want her to leave, but he gave her no choice,” a source tells Radar Online. “He’s really in bad shape, and Matt and Pat are urging him to get past this as quickly as possible and stay focused on the work ahead of him. They have formed a tight circle of protection around Ben and are determined to keep him from a full-on breakdown.” Sounds intense, bros.

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“He’s naturally a workaholic anyway,” the source adds, “but he’s in a dark place now, and only time and his friends can help pull him through.” Of course, these are the very same best buds who supposedly drove a wedge between him and Garner when things were getting rocky, so maybe they just actually got what they wanted all along? Sneaky.

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