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Ben Affleck moved into a new house while you were distracted by the Met Gala

Ben Affleck was reported to have moved out of his shared home with Jennifer Garner in mid-April. But I guess he just now got around to getting his stuff out of the house. Stars: they procrastinate just like us!

According to Page Six, some dudes came to Jennifer Garner’s house to haul his belongings to a new address. For real, this time. Ben Affleck, who is a big boy with a big boy job, was on site supervising the move. So mature!

Affleck, 44, and Garner, 45, have been separated for two years, but they both stayed in the family home with their three kids Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5. The very reluctant “Batman v Superman” star had been living in the family guesthouse which, LOL.

Garner filed for divorce this year after Affleck completed treatment for alcohol addiction. Despite this — leaving her ex-husband right after his hour of need was over, like a boss — they have both worked very hard to prove that everything is A-OK. The divorce is amicable! So amicable that Sad Batman is supposedly seeing a mystery woman already. Because he literally has no time to waste. Baby moves fast!

The divorce will take at least six months, because neither Affleck nor Garner ever discussed diving their assets, because they were admittedly “ambivalent” about the divorce. The amount of property the former couple own together will make it a slow process — well, that and the fact that they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. Who doesn’t sign prenups anymore? Have we not learned from every divorced couple in Hollywood, ever?

The gentle giant with the Boston brogue and the woman from the Capital One commercials were married in 2005 and were together for a total of 12 very long years. At least she had the good fortune to get with him after that “Gigli” abomination. I mean, barely, but still.