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Ben Affleck’s nanny is getting pricey

Ben Affleck’s nanny is getting pricey
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Ben Affleck is reportedly learning the hard way that dating the nanny can be very, very expensive.Christine Ouzounian, the woman who previously minded Affleck and estranged wife Jennifer Garner’s kids, is now said to be shacking up at a pricey L.A. apartment and driving around in a brand new Lexus, according to InTouch.

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“She bought a brand-new Lexus convertible with the money he gave her,” a source claiming to be Ouzounian’s friendsays.“Christine can’t afford a $50,000 car and a home that rents for $10,000 a month — she was making a nanny’s salary.You do the math.” And, you know, that’s pretty simple math.

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Affleck, whose reps still vehemently deny he’s in anyway romantically involved with Ouzounian, has been looking pretty stressed out recently. He was spotted pacing outside his rented Atlanta abode this week — where he’s in town to hang with the kids while Garner films a movie — clutching a drink and a cigarette. “He was obviously stressed,” an eyewitness says. Sure, who wouldn’t be?

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