Ben Affleck's nanny is now trying to be on 'The Bachelorette,' naturally - Metro US

Ben Affleck’s nanny is now trying to be on ‘The Bachelorette,’ naturally

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We’ve got to hand it to ChristineOuzounian. Ben Affleck’s former nanny and reported paramour is taking a natural next step for the unexpectedly famous, or possibly infamous: She’s aiming to get on the next season of “The Bachelorette.” Wait, does that mean she’s single now? No more flights off to Vegas with Affleck and Tom Brady?

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Page Six is reporting that “sources” (so, Ouzounian? How soon do you get to hire publicists to leak your info?) are saying,“The word in LA is that Christine is looking for an agent and wants a TV deal, on something like ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ She knows she most likely can’t go back to nannying — who in LA would hire her now to take care of their kids? So she’s going to use the spotlight to build a showbiz career.”

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Of course, she only has time to do that when she takes a break from “parading around in full hair and makeup for the paparazzi, cruising around Santa Monica, Calif., in a new, top-down $43,000 luxury Lexus, and sipping wine al fresco with friends where cameras can catch her in her full glory.” Normally, we keep our “around town” parades makeup free, but that’s why no one from Metro is on “The Bachelorette,” probably.

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