Ben Falcone talks us through Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy ‘Superintelligence’ – Metro US

Ben Falcone talks us through Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy ‘Superintelligence’

Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy

You probably already know this, but Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy really, really like each other. Like, they are properly in love.

They’re not even fed up with each other after working on “Tammy,” “The Boss” and now ”The Life Of The Party” as writers and producers, which she starred in and he directed, too, as the duo are already hard at work on their next film together. 

I recently had the chance to speak to Ben Falcone about “The Life Of The Party,” during which time he provided me with numerous updates on “Superintelligence,” which, apparently, mostly revolves around McCarthy talking to a computer. 

“We are in pre-production for that. So we will start shooting that in July, going back to Atlanta. We are super excited for it.”

“Because it is our friend Steve Mallory, who co-wrote ‘The Boss’ with us, he wrote it. And I just thought it was great. And so did New Line.”

“I can’t wait to get going with it. It is going to be very interesting, though, because it is about her talking to a super intelligence, a kind of Artificial Intelligence, a computer for a lot of the movie.”

As for the genre, Falcone told me, “It is going to be an action comedy. A lot of good action. I feel like it is going to be PG-13. It’s very family friendly comedy for the whole family. “

Having proven his skills as a comedic director, Falcone admitted that he is particularly interested in shooting “Superintelligence’s” action sequences. 

“I am looking forward to that. Every time I have shot some action stuff I am always shocked at how much work goes into it.”

“But it is always just fascinating in terms of the craft of it. And how many shots you need and how you get the shots set up. I am really excited to put it together and make it really funny and really enjoyable for the whole family.”

“Superintelligence” will be released on December 25, 2019. Those of you looking to get a fix of Melissa McCarthy before then can take in her particular brand of comedic gold at the end of the week, as “The Life Of The Party” hits cinemas on May 11.