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Bendale is the quintessential Toronto suburb

Situated at the heart of Scarborough as a symbol of its continued revitalization, Bendale is proof that Toronto’s master plan is working.

The neighbourhood, situated just south of the 401 roughly between Midland Avenue and Bellamy Road, is notable for its charming streets, well-kept bungalows, tons of parkland, good public transit options and vibrant cultural mix of residents who just want to enjoy their peace and quiet.

Originally populated by British and other European immigrants in the 1960s, Bendale has since seen an influx of immigrants from all parts of the world, particularly Southeast Asia and China.

The area is noted for its neighbourly feel and ample green spaces in a location that is a reasonable transit ride or highway drive from downtown Toronto.

Average property value: $291,972 Rent: $902
Homes you’ll see: Developed primarily in the 1950s onwards, homes in Bendale are typically well maintained brick bungalows on traditional lots with sizeable front lawns. Split-level homes are popular in the area as well. Side streets are neat and mostly free of through traffic due to their winding, scenic nature, making them great to live on. Few high-rise buildings exist, giving the area a very expansive, suburban feel, though select sections along Ellesmere Road near the Scarborough Town Centre have seen a good share of new condo development.

Bargain spot: Central Bendale, centred around Lawrence Avenue, is slightly cheaper than the rest of the area, although in general Bendale is still a great place to find decent bargains on good properties.

Notable locations: Scarborough Town Centre is a big feature of the area, not only in the attention and shoppers it brings to the area, but also as primary destination for the Scarborough Rapid Transit (RT) line.

Where to go: St. Andrew’s Fish and Chips (1589 Ellesmere Rd.) is a traditional U.K.-style treat named after the world famous golf course in Scotland and offers some uniquely British fare, like the terrifyingly tasty deep-fried Mars bar. New Suburban Restaurant (639 McCowan Rd.) offers old-school diner eats like classic grilled cheese sandwiches and pancake plates, all in huge portions for a cheap price.

Education: David & Mary Thomson CI (2740 Lawrence Ave. E.), North Bendale Junior PS (29 Aveline Cres.), Jean Vanier High School (959 Midland Ave.), Cedarbrae CI (550 Markham Rd), Bellmere Junior PS (470 Brimorton Dr.), Edgewood PS (230 Birkdale Rd),

Condos & developments: Altitude Condominiums (McCowan and Ellesmere), Centro North and South Towers (1 Towncentre Court), EQ1, Red and EA2 at Equinox (60 Brian Harrison Way).

Getting around: Access to the Scarborough RT line at Kennedy, Lawrence East, Ellesmere, Midland, STC and McCowan stations. GO Train access at Kennedy and Eglinton GO stations with subway access at Kennedy Station.

Final word: Eminently accessible and liveable, Bendale is the quintessential Toronto suburb featuring plenty of parks, a wealth of businesses run by local residents, a vibrant cultural mix and property values that don’t break the bank (yet).

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